How To Keep A Conversation Going In 3 Simple Steps

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They say that conversations are the key to keeping a girl interested in you. It is through conversations that you can spark her interest so she will be convinced to go out with you on a date, or learn to like you and say yes when you finally ask her to be your girlfriend. Unfortunately not a lot of people know how to talk to girls and how to keep a conversation going. This often leads to them getting dumped right from the beginning.

How to Keep a Conversation Going: Ask the Right Questions

They say that questions are a good way to keep conversations from ending but you also need to ask the right questions. Avoid simple questions that can be answered with yes and no because you’ll be heading to a dead-end and be forced to think of something else to talk about. For example, a bad question would be “did you like the movie?” because then they’ll just say yes or no and you’ll need to think of a related question. Modify this up a bit and simply ask “what did you think of the movie?” and now the girl will spark up several comments that you can work on.

Questions to keep a conversation going are pretty good if you want to keep the girl talking. This is crucial because it leads you right into the next step on how to keep a conversation going: don’t keep the conversation one-sided.

How to Keep a Conversation Going Step #2: Don’t Keep the Conversation One-Sided

There are a lot of things to say to keep a conversation going but make sure you aren’t turning the situation into a speech – where only you are talking and the girl is just listening. Remember that a conversation is a two-way process, so both of you have to do the talking. There is a trick to this other than just relying on questions.

ways to keep a conversation goingInstead of focusing on yourself, on your story, and your problems, focus instead on the girl. Try to get her to talk about her passions, her interests, her family, and her life. Don’t be too pushy and don’t prod into personal topics but do try to keep her talking about herself. People have the natural inclination to love talking about themselves so use this to your advantage. Show her that you are interested and she will keep the conversation alive for you.

Make sure you respond as well. When she says something that you feel is important to her, spark some weight on that side of the conversation. If she says she likes Asian food, that’s where you can start popping some questions like whether or not she appreciates sushi or why she likes Asian food in the first place. If it falls under one of your lines of interest, use it to your advantage. Who knows, you might have a good hand in cooking Asian food. Let her know this and keep her excited.

How to Keep a Conversation Going Step #3: Avoid the Conversation Pitfalls

There are a lot of ways to keep a conversation going but do try to avoid the usual pitfalls. For example you should avoid talking about your ex. This is a major crime in a conversation especially if you are still in the stages of getting a girl to like you and go out in a date with you. You want her to slightly feel some concern about you but do so without having to talk about your ex. For example, you could mention that your last relationship ended horribly because your ex was cheating on you. That’s fine to mention just don’t mention how pretty your ex was, where she studied, and what she was doing when she was cheating on you. The only girl who should be the center of the conversation is the girl you are talking to.

things to say to keep a conversation goingThere are other pitfalls you will want to avoid as well. Avoid bragging and boasting – you want to impress the girl but do so without annoying her. It will not just look distasteful but it will also make the girl lose interest in you. If you want to impress, make it so through small comments. This way it will seem like it wasn’t a big deal to you and she’ll catch it like it’s the best thing in the world. For example, if you have a talent in playing the guitar, don’t immediately brag about it. Talk about music and when she says she likes particular songs, just tell her you’ll try to learn how to play them for her. She’ll appreciate your talent more that way.

With so many ways how to keep a conversation going, it all really depends on how you play your cards. Keeping the girl interested and avoiding the pitfall of a negative, boring conversation are a lot easier to do than most people think. Simply follow the above steps and you’ll be perfectly fine and in the right direction to not only having a steady conversation but also building a good relationship.


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