The Best Pick Up Lines: Keeping It Simple

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In physics, you need a force that overcomes inertia to set a body in motion. In chess, great players have a wide range of repertoire regarding openings so that they can get into a good position to win the game. In the field of romance, it is the same thing: you need to make a good impression so that you may be able to impress and attract the girl you’re talking to.


To ensure success, you may want to brush up on the best pick up lines ever so that you can get the conversational ball rolling.

Before you do anything, watch this video I got from Youtube.

The Best Pick Up Lines From Movies

Many consider the movies as a valuable source of pick up lines, and not just because in the movies the guy gets the girl in the end. Quoting a line from a movie establishes a connection with the girl if she recognizes the line and the movie, and at the very least, you have established the fact that you both watch and enjoy the same kind of films.

Annoyingly, movie experts who offer some suggestions as to the best pick up lines from the movies tend to forget that these lines come at the beginning and not at the end. For example, so many of them list down “You complete me” as a memorable passage, forgetting the fact that in that Tom Cruise movie the bloke says this line near the end of the film when the couple already has a history together. Try saying that line when you introduce yourself to a girl, and you end up looking desperate—or worse, creepy.

Do you know the most successful pick up line in the movies, which have resulted in countless instances of success with women? It is this: “Bond, James Bond.” Those three short and simple words have resulted in an amazingly high degree of coital success for our intrepid secret agent for the last 50 years. Unfortunately, very few men in the UK have James Bond’s dashing looks, nifty gadgets, and killer confidence.

The Best Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

best pick up lines for girls

In fact, quite a lot of us tend to identify more with Hugh Grant’s character in Notting Hill. That stuttering tendency and predilection to ramble on and on is awfully familiar to many of us. In order to help you calm down, here are some pick up lines which tend to be safer and much more effective:

  • “Hi, my name is ___.” This is the simplest and one of the more effective pick up lines ever. It’s a variation of “Bond, James Bond” except it’s much more realistic. It’s also considered one of the best pick up lines for girls, although for some reason when women take the initiative their rate of success tend to be higher than men’s.
  • “You look great in that outfit” or “You have a great smile” (or eyes, etc.). You can’t really go wrong with sincere compliments when you start a conversation with a woman. Just make sure that you at least sound sincere, and she’ll appreciate it more. If you sound fake it can backfire rather badly.
  • “Would you care for a drink” (if that is appropriate for the place and occasion) or “Would you like to dance?” Offering something to do together is always a good approach, especially if you have the skills and looks to match.

What you need to avoid are truly tacky pick up lines that are rude, trying to be funny and failing miserably, or historically clichéd lines such as “Do you come here often?” You can share these lines with your mates so that you can laugh with them about it, but if you actually trot them out it is you who will be laughed at.

Sometimes You Don’t Need To Know The Best Pick Up Lines

It’s unfortunate that most of us are cursed with awkward conversational skills without even Hugh Grant’s looks to balance things out. However, you can at least do your best with what fate has given you. It’s an accepted fact that your appearance plays a major factor in whether a woman will be attracted to you, so do try to make an effort in that regard. Wear nice clean clothes that fit you, and for goodness’ sake take a bloody shower. Take a deep breath or two, and smile when you approach her.

The First Rule Of How To Talk To Girls

the best pick up linesIn a recent survey, about 50% of all British men confess to a lack of confidence when it comes to the romance department. An estimated 15 million people in the UK are still single, and that’s not by choice; half of them are actually looking for a long-term relationship. Despite the fact that the UK has produced quite a lot of dashing men in cinematic history—and in actual history for that matter—modern Brits are suffering from a lack of confidence these days. Even approaching and talking to women is a great hurdle to overcome.

The first rule you need to remember is that you need to find the courage to actually come up to a girl and talk to her. It doesn’t matter how you motivate yourself. Maybe you may want to use military mottos such as Who Dares, Wins (SAS), Difficulties Be Damned (The Prince of Wales’ own Regiment of Yorkshire), or Fortune Favours the Brave (The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment). Or you can simply keep in mind that women are people too, and not some mythical monsters that are only too eager to devour you. Once you have managed to overcome that particular inertia brought upon by fear, the rest should be easier.

Of course, you need to accept that you can’t score all the time. Not every shot you make towards the goal will see the back of the net, and you may have to accept the fact that in these pick up games you may end up scoreless, many times. But still, at least you made the attempt, which gives you a chance at winning. By not making the attempt, you guarantee that you will lose all the time. This means that your single status isn’t the fault of God, or of Fate, or even of women. You will be single for the rest of your life, and you only have yourself to blame.

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