How To Ask A Girl Out: Get A Solid “YES”

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Learning how to ask a girl out is not as complicated as it seems. Yes you may feel shy and you may worry about rejection but it isn’t that difficult. It all starts on building a steady level of interest. You want the girl to desire being with you otherwise she’ll just say no. When a girl isn’t interested in you and has no built-up relationship with you she’ll just look at you as a stranger who wants to get in her pants.

How to Ask a Girl Out: Gauge Her Interest in You

Here’s the first step you need to focus on – gauge just how interested she is in you. Simply ask these following questions to yourself every time you are with the girl:

-      Does she often look at you and make steady eye contact?
-      Does she look like she is having fun every time you two are alone talking?
-      When you are with a group of people, does she try to find ways so she gets to sit beside your or at least in an area where she can see you?
-      When she catches you looking at her, does she positively respond or turn away without interest?

Do try to keep your feelings about her to yourself. She might be a little stressed or tired so if she does not always positively respond it may be for reasons other than you.

ways to ask a girl outHow to Ask a Girl Out: Assess How She Looks at You

A girl could either gaze at you for a long time or will simply look away when you two make eye contact. Both ways of looking at you are cute to think about but they can also be positive or negative reactions. Try to observe if she smiles and seems adequately interested in you as you converse and how often you can keep eye contact. If she is staring directly at you without the slightest hint of a smile you know she is probably mad or disinterested in you.

One important thing when learning how to talk to girls is to keep your eyes on her face and her eyes. Yes, that means keep your eyes away from her breasts. When she catches you looking into her eyes while she talks she will immediately think you are interested in what she is talking about and not just adamant on getting her naked.

How to Ask a Girl Out: Observing the Touch Barrier

Women are really sensitive to touch. When you grab her hand she will feel a myriad of sensations and it is your job to sense whether those sensations were good or bad. Try to observe how often she touches you. Does she try to find ways just to grab your hand?

Remember that you do not want to touch her unless she does so first. This is often referred to as the touch barrier. The simple rule is to only touch her after she starts physical contact and to touch her less often than she touches you.

Putting all of this together can lead to really amazing results. There are cute ways to ask a girl out even without building rapport. Sometimes good eye contact and understanding body language are enough to tell a girl you like her and that she in turn likes you. All you need to do then is pop the question.

How to Ask a Girl Out: Striking Interaction

Of course that is not always the case. The best way to ask a girl out is to keep it casual and not make a big deal out of it. Start the conversation with a casual Hi and keep talking as if it were any ordinary day. When you get her full attention, interest, and desire to keep hanging out with you that is when you should ask her to go out with you.

creative ways to ask a girl outFind creative ways to ask a girl out. How to ask a girl out is not about simply stating the obvious question. For example: instead of asking her to go out with you to a concert, start a conversation about music and she if she is interested in the band. If she is, build a conversation around them such as their music, band members, and tours. Right when she is actively participating in the conversation, casually suggest that it would be fun to go watch them live. If she positively likes the idea, ask her out especially if you already have the tickets available.

Handling Rejection

Rejection is bound to happen at some point. You two may have some good connection but she may not be that interested in the event you want to take her to. She may have committed to something else and there’s no way for her to change her schedule. The problem might also be that you just didn’t break through her barriers yet and she might still be apprehensive on going out with you.

When you do get rejected, deal with it casually. Brush it off as if it were nothing. If they said they can’t go then simply reply with “Oh sure, that’s no problem, let’s go out next time” approach and carry on with your conversation. If however it is pretty obvious that they are disgusted with the idea and that they do not really want to spend some time with you, look for someone else to ask out. She just might not be into you at all.

Stick to Your Guns

There are lots of ways to ask a girl out. The ones you want to avoid are:

-      Rude suggestions; even if the girl you are talking to is a bit naughty, she will not appreciate it if you downright suggest dirty invitations.

-      Text invitations; people can hide their emotions and intentions through text messaging. You want to really see if she is invested and interested in you. That is how to ask a girl out while making sure she is going to have a good time, guaranteeing a second date.

Getting a Solid Yes

To get that solid Yes when asking a girl out, work on the points listed above. Find out how interested she is in you, try to observe how she looks at you to gauge her moods and interest, and see how you two observe (and break) the touch barrier. Be creative but not rude and manipulative when asking her out. If you get rejected don’t make a big deal out of it. Life goes on, my friend. Keep trying.

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