How To Pick Up Women So You Can Have Sex: 2 Simple Ways

How To Pick Up Women So You Can Have Sex: 2 Simple Ways post image

Let’s call it like it is, shall we? The main point of learning how to pick up women is that you want to have sex with an actual woman without having to blatantly pay for it. Although the idea of having sex with escorts and massage parlor women has quite a lot of fans, you may be one of those who also want to experience the thrill in the chase or who feel a bit demeaned having to resort to commercial sex. If that’s the case, perhaps you can learn here how to pick up women online, in clubs, and in parties.

There are quite a lot of advice articles out there with countless tips and rules for you to learn. The number of these tips can be rather staggering, but we can sum up all of these rules to two simple directives:

  • Look for women who want to be picked up.
  • Be interesting enough to pique her attention.

These two rules about how to pick up women apply to any type of situation.

How To Pick Up Women In Clubs And Bars

Quite a lot of women who are looking for some hot and heavy action go to clubs and bars in hopes of hooking up with a guy. If she comes in alone, then you’re in luck because it’s not hard to learn how to pick up women in bars if she’s flying solo. Chances are, this girl is really looking if she’s desperate enough to come alone. What you need to do is to be the first to get close to her, rather than wait for other guys to strike out first. Strike a conversation with her by just saying “Hi” with a smile. Then ask if she’s waiting for a specific guy because she may be on a date and had arranged to meet there with the other guy.

how to pick up women in bars

If she’s alone with no plans, then play nice and act as if the two of you are on a date. Treat her to some drinks or even dinner while you chat her up. If she’s waiting for a date to arrive, ask her if she minds talking to you while she waits (tell her it will discourage other “perky” guys from bothering her) and if her date doesn’t arrive then you can continue on with her. Heck, there’s even a chance that she’ll blow off that date if she finds you appealing enough.

If she came with friends, you can still identify these women by checking to see if she is focused on her conversation with her friends. If she’s distracted and keeps looking around, then try to maintain eye contact and smile. If she gives you any encouraging signs, then move in for the prize.

How To Pick Up Women In Parties

Some parties are also prime locations to find women out on a hunt of their own. This is a fact that even teenagers are quite aware of. So what you need to do is to circulate and identify these women. Some of them may be actively looking around, while others may only be open to the possibility of sex if you attract her attention.

Picking Up Women Online

Unlike bars and parties, initial online interactions are less likely to result in immediate sexual gratification. However, if you’re open-minded there may still be some element of sex involved.

Countless articles tend to focus how to attract women online, and the best ones tend to emphasize that you should really decrease your creepiness when you initiate online contact. But if you want to initiate contact with sex in mind, what you need to do is to find a girl who isn’t easily scared away by double entendre remarks. This means you need to go to dating sites and even on exhibitionist forums. On dating sites, check for tell-tale indicators like previous modeling experience. Initiate contact by mention something definitely non-sexual, and then slowly inch your way into the topic. Your short term goal is to have her do something risqué, such as take her clothes off for you.

If you do succeed in getting her to strip, research studies show that she is also more likely to agree to have a date with you.

how to pick up younger womenHow To Pick Up Women Younger Than You

An age difference of about five years or so doesn’t really matter, but if she’s younger than you by about a decade then different dynamics are in play. It’s not really all that difficult to learn how to pick up younger women. If she’s just above legal age, please don’t try to make yourself younger by being interested in what teens like these days. Instead, try to subtly imply that there are definite advantages in dating more mature men. Whether she’s still in college or in her thirties and you’re ten years older or so, she may be intrigued by you because of three things: your money, your power, and your experience. She may be dazzled by a promise of a date in a quality restaurant, or perhaps because of your connections.

A Final Word Or Two

Clubs, bars, parties, and online chat rooms—these are places to which women who want to be picked up tend to go to. Although you can meet women in a lot of places other than these—you can meet the love of your life in a grocery store—in these aforementioned places there are women who, like you, are also looking for some sexual action. It’s just that social conventions tend to discourage them from doing so more actively. Nonetheless, if a woman is hoping to be picked up it is your chivalrous duty to make her dreams come true. You can only do that if you know how to how to pick up women effectively using the two main rules.

Just remember that if you do succeed in getting her to agree to “go somewhere more private”, then you should remember the tips on how to pick up women which focus on logistics:

  • Make sure you have a place you can go to;
  • Have your mode of transportation ready to go to that place;
  • Make sure you have condoms ready.

Failure in any of these aspects can easily cause her to change her mind—women are fickle that way—so make sure that the logistics are in place if you have learned how to talk to girls so effectively that one of them agrees to have sex with you.

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