How To Talk To Girls You Like For The First Time

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Before you can even think about going out on a date, the first thing you really need to learn is how to talk to girls in the first place. You need to be confident enough to talk to women in various settings so that you can ask for their phone number, they Facebook profile, or email address, so you can get to know her and perhaps even ask her out on another date. When you know how to talk to girls then it can lead to lots of intimate things and pretty soon, talking is going to take the back seat. Essentially, you have to learn to talk to girls online, on the phone, or in person.

That’s the key. But knowing the key isn’t the same as being able to turn the key to open the door! But it’s a start, and here’s what you need to know so that you can use that key to open a woman’s “heart” and you can get to enjoy a lot of fun things most guys do with really hot chicks.

How to Talk To Girls: Your Opening Lines

The trick to learning how to talk to girls properly is to realize that a conversation has begun even before you open your mouth.

That’s because a girl starts to judge you immediately by how you look. So it really helps if you look nice—dress in modern clothes that fit you properly, fix your hair, and for goodness sake, take a long shower before you meet your date!

When you do start talking, it’s best to start light. If you’re talking to her for the first time, say “Hi”, and perhaps ask her about your surroundings. If you’re in the office, ask her what she does. If you’re in the bar, ask her what she likes to drink. If it’s at a party, ask her how she knows the host. Relax and talk about the obvious things, because you want her to relax as well.

Once you’ve gotten past the opening lines, make sure that the conversation does not lag.

How to Talk To Girls: What NOT To Talk About

how to talk to random girlsSocial scientists actually made some studies about the topics that girls don’t really care to discuss, and their findings aren’t all that surprising. Most of these topics are too controversial or too divisive, and chances are great that leading the discussion to these topics can lead you to strike out very, very badly.

  • Politics. Really? You want to talk politics with a girl? What the hell’s the matter with you? For one, most chicks think this topic is absolutely boring. If the particular political topic isn’t boring, she’ll just be upset about something in politics. If your likely results are either boredom or getting upset, then obviously you’re talking about the wrong things.
  • Religion. Again, this is another hot button that doesn’t bode well for you. Talking about God or  Jesus is just plain uncomfortable for many babes especially when they’re out trying to relax and have a good time. Besides, if you happen to beat the odds and it turns out that the girl you’re talking likes to talk about her religion, it’s also likely that you won’t be getting any exciting stuff between you two, for the foreseeable future. Chances are, you’ll have to marry her first, and that may be too high a price to pay for just a bit of fun.
  • Past relationships and dates. This means you don’t get to vent about your ex-girlfriends and disastrous dates in the past. She doesn’t want to hear it, especially if you complain too much about how everything was your ex’s fault. She won’t believe you. She’ll believe you, however, if you whine that it really was all your fault that your relationships failed. This is a classic no-win situation, so avoid it at all costs.
  • The latest in science or science fiction. Just don’t even think about it. Girls don’t care, and statistically speaking, this is a fact. Spouting off what you know about scientific theories or about science fiction classics is a sure way to leave the evening empty-handed.

How to Talk To Girls: Safer Topics to Talk About

Before anything else, try to get her to open up about what she likes to talk about. Get her to talk, and then try to listen. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to talk to random girls or you’re talking to girls you’ve known for a while, the best way to get her interested is to entice her to talk.

But if it seems obvious to you’d have to pick a topic yourself, find out what do girls like to talk about.  According to the experts, here are top 3 topics most babes can’t help but be interested in:

talk to girls online

  1. Her hopes, dreams, and aspirations. What does she want to be? If she’s a college co-ed, then she has definite plans of what she wants to be. Get her to talk about it. What made her want to be a doctor, lawyer, actress, etc.? What’s her definition of success? Listen to her plans, make some comments, and perhaps give her a bit of friendly and sympathetic advice. Let her know—or at the very least make her believe—that you really care.
  2. Her current interests and hobbies. If you think a girl is hot enough that you dare talk to her, then you need to act as if her current interests are aren’t boring. If you are into what she likes to do, then tell her about it; that’s one thing you have in common. If it’s new to you, act as if you’re really tempted to try it out. Ask questions about her hobbies, as if you would really like to know more about it.
  3. Favorite movies and music. This topic often comes up because most girls are normal gals. Lots of them just want to watch movies and listen to music, just like you. Ask her what movies or shows she likes to watch and what music she listens to. Again, either you’ll find something that you both like, or you can act as if you’d like to try watching and listening to her favorites.

Knowing When to Stop

At some point, you’ll need to end the conversation. Tell her it was nice meeting her or talking to her, and then tell her how much you’ve enjoyed your conversation. Tell her that you’d like to talk to her again, and ask for her contact details. Whether she gives you her email address or phone number, use that to ask her out on a date next time around. The point of knowing how to talk to girls properly is to get her to relax in your company, and talking about topics that don’t stress her out goes a long way to getting her interested in you.

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  • Brian O July 31, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Another good article from you on how to talk to girls. As you rightly pointed out, it is important to get girls to relax when talking to them. Therefore, topics like politics and religion will probably not get her relaxed. She is much more likely to be interested in talking about herself and what she wants to do with her life.

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