The 3 Kinds Of Eye Contact With Women

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It’s an old saying which says that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s a bit cliché, but the there’s too much truth in that statement to be dismissed easily. You can see it when you make eye contact with women. Words are unnecessary when the eyes speak volumes about how she feels about you. But still, you may have to know how to talk to girls when her eyes convey that she’s open to a lot of possibilities. The eyes can show promise, but you need to know what to do or say so that that promise can be delivered.

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Here, in the most general terms, are the 3 kinds of eye contact with women:

  1. The Look In The Eyes Of Disinterested Women

Before we can even discuss actual eye contact with women, you need to know that the lack of eye contact has meaning as well. The lack of eye contact can be either conscious or unconscious.

If it’s unconscious, it means that her eyes have passed over you and nothing about you interests her. In other words, you’re kinds boring. You’re just as noticeable as that potted plant in the corner of the room. It may be time for a new look—perhaps a better set of clothes or a more suitable hairstyle can get you a passing glance. You can compensate for your unassuming appearance with some great conversation, but be aware that you’re working without a head start.

If she deliberately tries to avoid making eye contact with you, then you’re done as well. You’re kaput. She’s avoiding making eye contact with you in the fervent hope that you don’t approach her, much like a student who doesn’t know the answer to the teacher’s question avoids making contact with the teacher. She really wishes you don’t notice her.

  1. Making Eye Contact With Women Who May Be Interested

Eye contact with womenWomen who are interested in you will glance at you for an extended period of time, and perhaps her eyes may tend to gravitate towards yours every now and then. The longer the eye contact with women, the stronger the attraction, and if she stares at you or makes eye contact with an accompanying smile then she’s not fighting that attraction.

This is the time to approach her. The trick here is to be confident and self-assured. Introduce yourself, and don’t make her feel embarrassed by referring to her glances or stares in any way. You’re already in; you just need to avoid screwing it up by saying something that pisses her off. Make some small talk, get her number and arrange a date as quickly as possible.

  1. The Eyes Of The Insanely Interested

With this kind of eye contact, there’s absolutely no doubt that you are the center of her universe. You are the sun around which her planet revolves. In her eyes, you are the one. In other words, she’s truly head over heels in love with you, and it’s quite obvious when she gazes at you. This usually happens later in the relationship—if it happens when you first meet, then it may spell trouble.

If the feeling is mutual, then it’s perhaps the best kind of eye contact with women in the world. Other people may comment that you also have that same exact look in your eyes, and those who are looking for what you already have will undoubtedly feel some sort of envy whenever the two of you gaze into each other’s eyes.

But the insanity starts if the feeling is not mutual at all, and you don’t feel quite as attached to her as she is to you. This can get awkward, to say the least, and to prevent things from getting worse you really need to come clean and give her the bad news as quickly as possible.

If you’re lucky, you’ll probably see some tears, or perhaps that look of defeat that you hate seeing in women. But even these looks are positive compared to the scarier alternative—when she gets that gleam in her eyes filled with insane amounts of determination. If you get this kind of eye contact, you are in a world of hurt. You are now the current obsession of a stalker. It’s to get a restraining order, and pray she finds another guy to obsess about soon.

Just remember that it’s also said that a picture says a thousand words. Try to get an accurate reading when you make eye contact with women, and you’ll know when to approach her with a reasonable expectation of success. Just check for signs of obsession, so you also know when to get the hell out of Dodge.


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