Where To Meet Women So You Won’t Be Forever Alone

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Knowing where to meet women is perhaps the most basic piece of information you have to learn. It’s like arithmetic; while flirting techniques, dating skills and sexual abilities are more like geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. No matter how much you’ve boosted your abilities in these areas, they don’t matter at all if you can’t meet any woman to practice them on. And if you’re reading this, they’re not anyplace nearby.

If they’re not coming to you, then you will have to go to them.  So where is the best place to meet women? The answer may depend on what kind of women you want to meet. Here are some places you ought to try:

Where to Meet Women: Where Are You Right Now?

Before you try to change your usual hangouts, you may want to take a closer look at the places you frequent. Are you sure there are no women in your workplace or neighborhood that matches the profile of the girl you’re looking for? You may want to look closer and with a keener eye, because the girl of your dreams may literally be just around the corner.

There are a lot of advantages to hooking up with a girl in your own neighborhood or workplace. The two of you already have a few things in common: you probably have the same social standing, the same background, and the same interests. You can easily build on those commonalities to foster a deeper relationship.

If there’s absolutely no one, it may be because you’re setting your standards too high. Looking for a supermodel may not be all that realistic if you’re average-looking and you’re not rich. You may even be a bit of a jerk—no offense, bro—if you’re holding out for someone who looks like Megan Fox or Kate Upton, especially if you look like a destitute Steve Buscemi.

So be more realistic and see the women around you with a fresh perspective. That girl you’ve never considered before may actually be the one.

Where to Meet Women Who Are Ready to Meet Men: Parties and Other Social Functions

where is the best place to meet womenIf you are looking to meet more women, you may have to be more social and attend more parties and get-togethers. Did you actually think that you’d meet women out of the blue if you spend most of your time at work and at home? Don’t be silly.

So start attending parties whenever you’re invited. Parties are where to go to meet women who are actually ready for some social interactions. And don’t just stand in a corner and watch people. Walk around, smile, and talk to people. Gear up on your small talk: if you haven’t mastered that yet, start by asking how others know the host. Try to find out whether you two have some mutual acquaintances. Don’t forget to introduce yourself, or better yet, have a mutual acquaintance introduce you.

Where to Meet Women Who Are Nice: Churches and Charity Drives

If you want to know where to meet nice women, the answer is somewhat obvious. You go to those places where nice things are going on. Essentially, that means going to church or to places where charity drives are going on.

  • Going to churches may seem like a cliché, but clichés for the most part are generally true. Churches are full of nice women, and what’s more is that women there think you’re a nice guy because you go to church. Just don’t start chatting up women right away on your first day of attendance. Instead, just smile and nod when you see people looking at you, and wait for the regulars to approach you. You can start to initiate conversations yourself if you’ve attended a few times—enough to be considered a regular church-goer and not just another guy on the prowl.
  • Going to charity drives is another way of meeting nice women, especially if you’re not particularly religious. You just have to prove your sincerity and show that you really want to help people. Again, being there puts you in a good light. The fact that you want to help people means that you’re a good guy to meet.

Where to Meet Women Who Are Older: Extracurricular Classes

where to go to meet womenYou can’t just go to bars if you want to meet older women. You want to know where to meet older women? The answer is simple: these places are where they teach skills many older women are interested in. So take a deep breath and enroll in yoga classes and cooking lessons. Knitting classes are good places too if you are brave enough!

Just make sure that you can show enough interest in the subject matter so that you are not immediately identified as someone who only wants to meet women. These kinds of places may seem sacrosanct for women, and they won’t appreciate it if you intrude simply for amorous purposes. It’s easier to get to know the women around you here if they are convinced that you share their interests.

What’s great about this is that the lessons you learn can actually help you with women as well. Yoga classes can help you look healthier, while cooking classes can help you impress her when you are on a date.

Researchers also emphasize, however, that meeting women isn’t just about going to where they are. In many cases it’s not just where you go, but who you know. Most women are far more agreeable to a date with you if you two were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance—or better yet, by someone whom they know well and trust. That person’s introduction is a virtual endorsement of your character. So when that person introduces you to her, she’s being told in effect that you’re a nice guy.

But by all means, go to places where women are. Doing so won’t hurt your chances, and would probably increase them considerably. By knowing where to meet women you may like and actually going to these places, at least you’re taking the first step in your journey towards a new romantic relationship.

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