Women Body Language: 4 Important Steps To Understanding Them

Women Body Language: 4 Important Steps To Understanding Them post image

There’s a scene in one of the Harry Potter books when after Hermione tried to explain the actions of Harry’s distraught date, Ron exclaimed, “You should write a book translating the mad things girls do so boys can understand them.” It’s hard enough to decipher what women mean when they say something—such as when they say they’re fine but they really aren’t—but in order to understand women body language is the key.

If you want to succeed in reading women body language must mean more to you than just simple postures and gestures.

1. Flirting Women Body Language Giveaways

If you happen to know how to talk to girls effectively, or if you happen to look attractive in her eyes, then a woman can give you visible signs of approval and attraction even if she doesn’t necessarily say anything to that effect. For example, she may indicate that she is interested in you when:

  • She maintains steady eye contact with you (without glaring)
  • She leans towards you
  • She keeps on licking her lips
  • Her nostrils are flaring
  • Her nipples are visibly hard

women body language attraction

Be warned, however. Just because you may be seeing all these signs of approval doesn’t mean that you can just lean over for a kiss or go for an intimate caress. The woman in these situations often likes to give clear and express indications that she would like intimate contact with you, and any action on your part to this effect can immediately reverse her attraction to you. Wait for her to clearly say that she wants to kiss you, and from a legal point of view this may be the right course of action as well.

When it comes to women body language attraction signals aren’t always clear cut, unless she pulled you into an empty room and then started tearing your clothes off.

2. Disinterested Women Body Language Clues

If your spiel isn’t really working all that well with her, you can tell by looking for signs of disinterest and apathy. She may not just be failing to maintain eye contact; she may actually be looking for something more interesting while she gives you vague and short answers to pauses in your conversation. Another indicator that she doesn’t really care much for you or about you is when she leans away from you. If she doesn’t really say anything to add to the conversation in addition to all these body language clues, then be sure that you’ve failed abysmally in making a mark.

Of course, it’s not quite a disaster. You still have a chance of denting that disinterest if you’re determined. You just need to talk about something that she finds interesting or something she feels passionate about. Once you’ve discovered this, you may receive more encouraging signals from her.

3. Conflicted Women Body Language Indicators

For some women body language signals can signify that they’re interested in you despite some misgivings. Perhaps they are in a situation in which a romantic liaison may not be quite as welcome. For example, she may already be in a romantic relationship, and her attraction to you may be confusing her. She may also have sworn off men for the meantime for a variety of reasons. Perhaps she has just ended a relationship, or she has decided to focus more on her career. She may even be a nun—you never know.

The signs that she’s not quite sure if she is attracted to you (or if she should be attracted to you) may include the following:

  • She may lean in, and then lean away repeatedly;
  • She may hold some eye contact, and then turn away abruptly.

Generally, she may use some body language that means she’s interested, and at the same time also exhibit body language that shows that she’s disinterested. These types of mixed signals may indicate a conflict on her part.

shy women body language

It may also mean that she’s just shy. With shy women body language signs are often conflicted because she doesn’t quite know how to react to her attraction to you. If this is the case, you can wreck a potential relationship by acting too abruptly or forceful. The best way to react is by being gentle and gradual when you try to speed things along. Be understanding if she stutters and act as if she’s speaking and acting normally.

You can also attract women with body language if she’s shy. Show her body language signs that you’re interested in her, but make these signs more subtle so that she isn’t alarmed and frightened. Be gentle, and give her time to adjust to your presence. You already know she’s interested in you, and now your focus is helping her to deal with these feelings of attraction without calling attention to her shyness.

4. Angry Women Body Language Omens

It’s not all that difficult to anger women, and perhaps you know this truth quite well. If you’ve just met a woman and if you’ve read something to the effect that insulting her is a surefire way to get her attention, you’ll probably see some of these signs eventually. You may have said something about her weight or her clothes or insulted a close friend or family member. You may also have espoused some political or religious views that are polar opposites of her beliefs. Whatever the case may be, you’ll get her attention all right, but it may not be the kind of attention you’d like.

These omens include:

  • She narrows her eyes at you.
  • Her lips are a very thin line.
  • Her fists are closed or tightly clenched.

The best way to react to these omens is to gracefully and quickly disengage—in other words, retreat. It may not even be your fault that she’s irate. Wait for her anger to dissipate over time while she talks to other people, and then reengage her with a subtle apology. If that doesn’t work, then it may be wise to turn your attention elsewhere.

In the end, if you want to excel in understanding women body language meanings must be immediately understood so that you can respond appropriately. You can then use your expertise in deciphering body language to attract women wherever you go.

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